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"I had the privilege to be one of the first ones to stay in the Homestay at Silver Brook Estate. I can see passion and energy gone in to create this place... right from the tiles, doors and locks, each one has been selected with utmost care and have a story.

I thought it would be a normal stay but it was different... it was an experience in itself, coffee plantations giving you experience of a jungle stay, feel of the old traditions ( ambiance of the cottage) with a comfort of a home, delicious food and top it all, you get to meet two adorable human beings, Yogesh and Revathi, who are always keen to pass on their smiles to all and make everyone enjoy every moment of their stay.

I am sure I will be back soon...."

Gagan,  Dubai

" First thing that greets you is the beautifully designed cottage. Every piece in the house has a personal touch to it which only goes to show the passion that Yogesh and Revathi have. My stay here would have been pretty routine like any other homestay had it not been for Yogesh- a superb host and a great company. I am definately going to come back here many more times. Going back with not just a great time but also a new friend. Thanks Yogesh. Cheers!!! And yes, the food was excellent. Thanks Santosh."

Rinku, DELL India,  Bangalore

" Great stay at Silver Brooks. The cottage is fantastic... a labour of love and comes straight from the heart. The ambience and the wilderness around makes this a once in a life time experience. Yogesh and Revathi are excellent hosts and the stay experience beats Hotel stay easily."

Aseem Nirula, Mumbai

" Staying at Silver Brook was my kind of accommodation. I got freedom for all the activities. One more thing I need to tell is about the room decoration which is artistic. I am really feeling bad to vacate today. I am planning to visit many more times. I really rate this as number one."

Deepak V.L, AT&S Ecad Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

"Pleasant stay. Very relaxing. Wonderful hosts and some really great memories that we take back. A truly out of the world experience."

Ramdas and Anuradha, Chennai

" The most personalised experience one can have. Great Cottage, great view, amazing food, the most amazing hosts, truly comfortable stay. What more can one ask for?! I came here with my inlaws and my son of 3 years. We were all very well taken care of. Keep it up."

Rashmi and Purusharth Tripathi, Bangalore

" The Cottage is energised with love and comfort with an outstanding blend of antique articles and a modern place. Variety of food served specially prepared with love as the main ingredient.  Time will fly in this palace of the dreams of this adorable couple- Revathi and yogesh. In this lovely Estate we had the precious moments of our lives.  Special love and blessings may always be bestowed upon you."

Surindra Pardhy, Nagpur

" The ambience, environment and the food is excellent and child friendly. We enjoyed the treks to the brook and the early morning bird watching. We will be back again so that the rest of tour family can experience this."

Vivian and Levin, Bangalore

"Wonderful personal and private holiday. The personal touch of Yogesh and Revathi evident in every nook and corner. The ultimate beauty of the house and the personalised service is a rarity in the world of hospitility. Looking forward to spending many more holidays at Silver Brooks."

Anand and family, Thane, Mumbai

"The serenity of the place cannot be mentioned in words. Hospitality was excellent. Really looking forward to visit again during monsoons when the stream flowing through your estate will be in full flow!! All the very best Yogesh and Revathi."

Hari Venkatachalam, Pune

" Arriving from Bangalore, this place is Shangri-La !!! A paradise for people interested in Wildlife and Bird Spotting. Thank you, Yogesh."

Markku Pyykonen, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University,  Sweden

" This is the beginning of a Bio-diversity friendly, Eco-tourism and Coffee-Spice plantation combined. The Birdlife and Hospitality is fantastic."

Dr. Jagdish, ATREE  and  National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

"The place offers solitude and relaxation coupled with scenic beauty as well as all modern facilities. The house is beautifully done up and has quite an assorted collection of books and delectable food. All the very best. I am sure, we will be back."

Adip Agarwal, Parrod Recard India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

"Indeed a home away from home. Excellent all round feeling. The hospitality, warmth, food and stay, all impressed me. All the very best to hosts Yogesh and Revathi." 

Vivek Masurkar, Bangalore

"A beautiful place, very well done up. A perfect place for a holiday. Very good collection of books and we were definitely pampered by wide variety of tasty food. In all a wonderful experience. We will definitely be back soon. Thanks to Yogesh and Santosh, for making our stay a memorable one."

Ananth  Narayan, IBM, Bangalore

"We had a wonderful stay, experienced good hospitality, amazing food, great treks, great games, Bonfire, Karaoke and good bonding with Yogesh, Revathi and family. Experienced great virgin nature. In all a heavenly experience. Will visit again."

Avinash Waran, Bangalore

" It is indeed homely at Silver Brook !! The hosts have been extremely understanding. We had all fun and privacy too. It was a holiday on our terms. My special appreciation for keeping the place pristine and functional by avoiding flashy amenities. All the best in your endeavor."

V. Ramesh and family, Chennai

" Marvellous experience, felt we were at home, well looked after and well fed. Never felt like leaving this place hence ended up not going for any sightseeing. Will have to come back for that. Thanks to Yogesh, Revathi and their sons...hope they keep prospering."

Capt. Amit Shetty, Pune

" You have taken hospitality to a new level. Your home is awsome and the food served was excellent. Will cherish this for a long long time. Hope to come here very often."

Raja Elangovan, Bangalore

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Please note, the room shown in the article is the Special Executive room.



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