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At Silver Brook Estate, we take conservation of natural resources very seriously and is a NO PLASTIC ZONE.

 We have incorporated few initiatives:

1. Note the doors and windows used in building the house. As part of our initiative to conserve trees, we procured old doors, windows and pillars from broken down homes from South India, restored them and used the same in our home.

2. To heat water we use Gujarat Geysers and use broken branches and logs for the same.

3. We got water experts to suggest rain water harvesting.As per their guidance, part of the rain water goes into the soil to increase the water table and part is led into the brook that flows in our estate in order to benefit the plantations ahead.

4. Though we have kept Turkish Towels in the wash-rooms for the guests to use, we have also kept Soft Indian Towels and encourage guests to use the same.These require less than half the quantity of water to wash and they dry faster too.

5. We are in the process of getting Solar-Power backup.

6. We have planted over 150 indigenous trees with special emphasis on those that attract birds and are essential for maintaining Eco balance.

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