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Revathi Iyer


Being an internationally acclaimed classical dancer and theater artiste, Revathi contributed to the aesthetic aspect of the project. Her love for nature combined with her knowledge of Culture, merged well in creating this home.


She shares Yogesh's vision and passion and looks after the home and the garden. She takes care of coordination.

Yogesh Krishnaswamy

After working with The Indian Hotels Company (The Taj Hotels) for nearly 20 years in New Delhi, Yogesh decided to quit and follow his dream. He wanted to create a home amidst nature and open it to people who share his passion.


This dream makes Silver Brook Estate  exclusive and unique. He keeps a watchful eye over the day to day activities of the plantation as well as the food preparation.


We have a coffee estate with a perennial brook flowing through it. Here we grow a variety of things, images of which are given on your left.

You can also spot some exotic bird life in our estate:

These snaps have been taken standing around the garden in the estate. These are just a few of the 101 varieties of birds clicked in and around our estate.

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